Cranberries in honey

Cranberries feature antiseptic, urine impellent and healing qualtiies as well as temperature reducing effects. They normalise the operation of intestines, stimulate pancreas and prevent the formation of kidney stones.

Cranberries are to be used in case of catching cold and prevention of flu, blood pressure reduction, in case of bronchitis, lung tuberculosis, as well as it may be administered in the event of nutritional diseases, in case of hurting eyes or headaches as well as case of gynaecological inflammations.

Cranberries contain pectin that facilitates cholesterol reduction and elimination of toxins. The contained anti-oxidants reduce the total amount of harmful cholesterol and increases the content of lipoprotein in blood i.e. the “good” cholesterol

Cranberries are deemed to be a very good means of cleansing an organism. The organically active compounds within barriers prevent the penetration of pathogenic microorganisms into human tissue as well as protect the organism from inflammations.


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I could not agree more with your slogan – “More than honey”. The various nuts covered in honey are indeed more than a honey itself and even more than honey in nuts. It is perhaps the National park of Gauja taking care of the rest. Tasty indeed.



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