Pollen is high-value, organically active natural product harvested by bees from the anthers of plant blossoms and then used in nutrition as a source of proteins and vitamins.

Pollen is harvested by the bees during sunny and warm weather in the first part of the day from various plants available in nature.

The chemical content of the pollen is highly dependent on the variety of the plant, soil, humidity and other circumstances

Pollen /according to the data of J. Svoboda/ contain:
 24.06% proteins;
 3.33% fat;
 18.5% sugar;
 2.55% ash;
 0.56% lactic acid
 B group vitamins (Bi, B2, B6, PP, pantothenic acid)
 Vitamins C and E
 Provitamin A – carotene
 Ferments – amylase, phosphatase, invertase, peroxidase
 Among the 32 kinds of amino acids found in pollen, glutamine acids, asparagine acids, leucine, valine, methionine and proline are the most pre-dominant
 The content of mineral substances may vary. It mostly contains K, followed by P, Si, Na, Ca, Mg, S, Cl etc.
 By using pollen you:
 Improve the general well-being of your organism;
 Restore your physical strength;
 Facilitate your mental abilities;
 Contribute towards recovery after serious diseases
 Activates body protection abilities against negative environmental influences
 Pollen assists in treatment of:
 Neural and endocrine diseases;
 Liver, kidney, intestine illnesses.
 The natural anti-oxidants of pollen:
 Prevent the aging of cells;
 Improve sleep, well-being and appetite
 Assist in regaining weight balance after illnesses


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I could not agree more with your slogan – “More than honey”. The various nuts covered in honey are indeed more than a honey itself and even more than honey in nuts. It is perhaps the National park of Gauja taking care of the rest. Tasty indeed.



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