Heather-blossom honey

The shade of heather-blossom honey ranges from dark yellow to maroon. Honey itself features a pleasantly bitter taste and light scent. This honey is highly viscous and crystallises slower than other varieties.

If however it has happened, it is worth remembering that honey crystallisation is a natural process and it in no way affects the quality of the product.


Cinnamon in honey10.01.2015

New product in our line for beauty  and health “Cinnamon in honey” ...

Chocolate in Honey22.10.2012

For the first time in Latvia – a mix of the honey’s sweetness and bitterness of dark chocolate – a new adventure for...


I could not agree more with your slogan – “More than honey”. The various nuts covered in honey are indeed more than a honey itself and even more than honey in nuts. It is perhaps the National park of Gauja taking care of the rest. Tasty indeed.



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