Chocolate in Honey

For the first time in Latvia – a mix of the honey’s sweetness and bitterness of dark chocolate – a new adventure for your taste buds. It is the perfect choice for a treat to us and our children – it shall melt in your mouth while being healthy and exhilarating – a truly unique product offered by our very own – Latvian producers. It can be easily spread making it a wonderful substitute of the chocolate but when added to cosmetics – it shall be a completely new treat for your skin.  Product content
 An ecologic honey from the pollen of Gauja National Park in combination with the high value dark chocolate is a novelty for any gourmand. This unique product does not contain any E substances making it healthy and beneficial.
 Product’s effect on health. Both honey and dark chocolate being rich in cacao content are considered to be healthy, thus upon merging them into one, we get a product that both improves general well-being as well as it facilitates various beneficial process in the organism. Among the long list of things, we shall name a few distinct effects honey and/or chocolate has on the human body – improves blood pressure immunity, mood, working capabilities and absorption of various micro elements.
 Honey may be used to treat almost any disease, as well as it may be applied to improve the general condition of the body and for the purposes of illness prevention, while as indicated in research, chocolate has a positive effect on the cardiac system as well as it assists in maintaining the hormonal balance in females. Furthermore, both chocolate and honey are fantastic sources of anti-oxidants and anti-septics.
 All the above listed wonderful features of chocolate and honey are maintained in the product of Chocolate in Honey
 Product’s use as food
 The sweet and bitter taste included in the product shall offer you a unique set of sensations for your taste buds. Chocolate in Honey is an indispensible treat for families with children, because you can allow your kids gorging themselves on chocolate while they are taking honey too. What’s more – its cream-like texture ensures that the cream is easily spread thus your child will be able to prepare his favourite chocolate-on-bread himself/herself.
 Set your chef’s talent free and make fantastic desserts and pasties with a wonderful and unique taste which shall be equally enjoyed by honey and chocolate lovers. Come up with your own recipe on how to create a tasty charge of energy for breakfast and an exhilarating treat for moments when it all does not go as smooth as you would have wished. Possibilities are indeed endless.
 Product’s use of cosmetics
 Should you wish to have a soft and a healthy skin, you may definitely apply chocolate in honey will attending sauna during a body massage or by adding it to facial and body masks. Honey and chocolate massages are among the most popular treatments in beauty salons, but now you have a chance to try the effect of the combination of two on your skin – chocolate massage which traditionally is intended to moisturise, nurture and tone the skin along with honey massage – one of the most effective anti-cellulite procedures – by feeding the skin and providing it with many important microelements. The features and content of Chocolate in honey shall achieve much more than any synthetic and expensive creams.


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I could not agree more with your slogan – “More than honey”. The various nuts covered in honey are indeed more than a honey itself and even more than honey in nuts. It is perhaps the National park of Gauja taking care of the rest. Tasty indeed.



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